In this section we present a list of resources where you can learn more about BullishArt and related tech we use in our mission to delivery good art through NFT.

AIBC Summit

The AIBC Summit has proved itself a landmark in the tech world, bringing together key figures in this fast-growing and innovative industry. Each conference is carefully crafted using a unique formula based on years of experience in the events industry and a commitment to quality. From unmissable networking opportunities, top quality content from tech influencersContinue reading “AIBC Summit”

Why online art store Winter Museo uses BSV for NFTs and payments

The minting of NFTs that represent physical and digital art may enable exciting new avenues for artists and art sellers, but it can be difficult to understand and navigate the different platforms and blockchain protocols that enable this, especially for the many artists and art sellers who have no experience with blockchain technology and tokenised assets. ThisContinue reading “Why online art store Winter Museo uses BSV for NFTs and payments”

Award-winning artist Todd Williamson mints NFTs on BSV

Tokenising artworks using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has become a global phenomenon as adoption and interest in blockchain technology continues to grow around the world, but not all blockchain protocols and NFT marketplaces offer the same utility. The BSV blockchain, thanks to its low transaction fees, high data throughput and native support for complex smart contracts offersContinue reading “Award-winning artist Todd Williamson mints NFTs on BSV”


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