BitCoin is your Publisher. Bullishart is your Curator and Editor.

Writing is already one of the most procrastinated activities ever, the difficulties in publishing does not encourage new writers in achieving their dreams.

BitCoin blockchain is the universal ledger where your eBook will be published and BullishArt is your curator.

By joining BullishArt you take a journey in creating your eBook with the help of our team, from the eBook file creation to the NFT minting process and the complexity of redeeming the actual book by the readers.

We have designed a unique approach to accomplishing your eBook publishing.

EBook Publishing Timeline

  • The creator submits the eBook to our team

  • Our team edits the eBook for publishing on BitCoin

  • The eBook is time stamped, published and receives a unique identifier similar to ISBN but called BSIB (Blockchain Standard Identification Book)

  • The cover of the eBook is minted and listed on the NFT market. The NFT includes metadata about the title, author, category, number of pages, short description and the unique BSIB

  • NFT holders receive via paymail an encrypted copy of the eBook to read it

  • The eBook file can be verified to be authentic using service