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The blockchain is one of the most fascinating technology that is disrupting many aspects of society. Despite having this powerful impact, it has not found wide adoption yet. The arrival of NFT in the blockchain, collectible items shared across the ledger, have increased a lot of enthusiasm for this technology by attracting a lot of artists, collectors and media interest.

At BullishArt we understand many obstacles to start with the NFT, both from the artists and collectors. For this reason we curate NFT art with the aim of facilitating creation and collection, while creating a safer environment for curious to approach this technology.

Established in 2020 March, in just few months we have received a lot of requests from artists and collectors who have no experience with the blockchain but do not want to miss this opportunity.

Now BullishArt is a reality with artists from all over the world and we are selecting more artists to join our team.

Can you create NFT with BullishArt?

To be eligible to mint with BullishArt you must be an artist and you need to have a portfolio to submit.

Contribution Facts

  • Every creator will have a dedicated profile page on BullishArt.
  • Creators receive 7% royalties on each sale, automatically transferred to their Bitcoin wallet.
  • Full credit is given to the creators.
  • Receive instant payouts.
  • Your artwork is minted on-chain.
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