• PlantingNFT


    The PlantingNFT is a project created by BullishArt team in collaboration with Magenta to bring the first “Ecology-Utility” collection on Bitcoin BSV. The project aims to plant as many trees as NFT sold within the collection. Each tree absorbing co2 will reward the NFT-tree holder with a specific token called “AIR”, a sensible contract token […]

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  • Lipz


    After almost 2 years wearing masks due to the covid pandemic, how much are we missing lips and facial expressions? We have been deprived of this essential part of human faces for too long. Lipz collection is about lips! The Lipz collection was a project designed to be minted on Tezos a few months ago […]

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  • 21 Tulips

    21 Tulips

    The 21 Tulips is a collection of painted tulips by Todd Williamson The artist has chosen the tulip as a subject because of the cultural importance of tulip as a symbol in both trading and Bitcoin while enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the different types of tulips, the colors, the shapes, the backgrounds. 21 Tulips […]

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  • Temple Resonance

    Temple Resonance

    It is part of a series inspired by Hilma Af Klint and A Course In Miracles. Here I am exploring the idea of passing beyond a threshold or doorway, from which the unlimited and eternal await. By Tony Schaefer

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  • Puggo Sapiens

    Puggo Sapiens

    Puggo Sapiens is a generative art project curated by BullishArt with an amazing team of professional designers.

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  • Malebranche


    “Evil Claws” are the demons in the Inferno of Dante’s Divine Comedy who guard Bolgia Five of the Eighth Circle (Malebolge). They figure in Cantos XXI, XXII, and XXIII. Vulgar and quarrelsome, their duty is to force the corrupt politicians (barrators) to stay under the surface of a boiling lake of pitch.

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  • Human Error

    Human Error

    Human Error Series is the work of collage artist momo. There is a limit to the human capacity to process information. For every piece of information we need, there is an unnecessary piece of information that becomes noise. Sometimes things that should be noted are incorporated into the noise. It is said that in order […]

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  • BullsArt


    BullsArt is our first generative art on the Tezos blockchain.

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  • Homunculus


    A homunculus in Latin (little person) is a representation of a small human being” A great Homunculus series, this is the story of artificial creatures synthesized in special autoclaves and used for biomechanical modeling. But one day, these fully formed, humanoid creatures, aware of their individualism and possessing free will, escape from the cages of […]

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  • 7 deadly sins of fast fashion

    7 deadly sins of fast fashion

    The latest collection by Roma Soida exploring the Climate Change theme. Anger: greenhouse gas emissions In the classification of deadly sins, the ancient theologians put anger as the most important, and the main sin of fast fashion is its impact on the climate. Now the fashion industry emits into the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide […]

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