BART Updates


Our token Bart has just begun a new adventure, after launching on Tezos as an FA2 token, now a second version of Bart is available on BitCoin.

When we refer to BitCoin we are talking to the original design that enables smart contracts and tokens implementation, with the ticker BSV.

Why launching Bart into a second chain?

BullishArt is by design a multichain service to offer a wide range of options and convenience. BARTsv will allow the BitCoin users to interact with our collection using the chain they are familiar with.

Moreover BitCoin allows a very low cost of operation, in the order of 0.0002$ which can help artists and curators to have a more efficient experience.

BART second public Airdrop

BARTsv Public Airdrop on BitCoin To be entered into the airdrop, follow us, retweet, tag three friends in the comments, and fill out this Google form… with where you want your BARTsv sent.


BART Airdrop

BART airdrop!

Since we are an #NFT project, our first airdrop is to our artists.

Round 1 was 1,000,000 BART to our first 20 artists.

Now round 2 begins Round 2 = 500,000 to next 40 artists

Round 3 = 300,000 to the next 200 artists