Living Alphabet

This colorful series designed by Francesco Buonfino and curated by BullishArt is our first series. It is also the first NFT series on BitCoin BSV to appear to date.

The series contains 26 English letters and 1 extra NFT that contains all letters like an index.

The Living Alphabet background is like of a paper note, from where the artist gives life to the alphabet letters.

Click on the image title to open the marketplace.

Series Details

Editions: 50 per letter / 300 per the index

Price: 0.01 ~ 0.1 BSV per letter / 0.05 per index

Reward: User who complete the Living Alphabet (only the letters) can apply to receive 100 BARTsv as price.


Blockchain: BitCoin BSV


Alphabet time, Francesco Buonfino

Following the success of the Living Alphabet poster minted on BSV blockchain in the last 24 hours, we are minting the whole alphabet designed by Francesco Buonfino on this chain.

It will be available for trading in about 4 hours from this post.

Only 50 editions on chain for each letter.

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