New York Skyline

This NFT has been created by the artist taking inspiration by New York and BitCoin and it was showcased during the Coin Geek conference in NY in 2021.

By Shea Winter Roggio – Curated by BullishArt

TitleNew York Skyline
ArtistShea Winter Roggio


End of Lockdown, Flejtskraft

The plot was invented in the spring of 2020, on a warm spring day. Flejtskraft fantasized what would happen when the lockdown was over.

This artwork and other by Flejtskraft born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This collection represent many elements of this difficult time the world is living.

The end of lockdown is very complex, the character is not just a soldier, he is a joker. What could it mean?

What does it mean to you?

Comment with sincere insights after you observe the artwork and don’t forget to add your address Tezos or BSV (Volt wallet), we will send to the best comments some Bart.


Old Worker, Flejtskraft

The artworks of Flejtskraft are rich works of fine art with deep meaning blended and a contemporary touch. Dmitry Bessonov in art Flejskraft is a painter.

This “Portrait of an Old Worker” participated in the “Time Forward” exhibition in 2019. Exhibition area: Moscow Union of Artists of Russia. The portrait was created in 2018 before the FIFA World Cup.

Click on the artwork to open the NFT marketplace

The NFT minted by BullishArt will be on BSV blockchain, the only blockchain that allows on-chain minting, meaning the artwork is itself into the chain. Note well, BullishArt does not decide where to mint the artworks, the artists decide it, we execute artists orders ^_^

Our curators have opted for a 10 editions for this NFT, to maintain the high profile of the art created by Flejsktraft.

Plus, to create a more sense of rarity, of urgency to acquire the artwork our team has listed the price in a scalar way, the first time to do so: first edition is listed for 0.1 BSV and each edition has an increment in price of 0.1 BSV.

The last edition sold will be sold for 1 BSV.

Our curators believe this value is very reasonable given the artwork and actually we believe there is much more intrinsic value we would like the collectors to find out, to valorize.

As always, giving a price to an artwork cannot do enough justice to the art, we hope you will consider it like an invitation for you to become a collector and to own it, add to your collection proudly to preserve the artist creation.

Flejsktraft self potrait

You as collector are the one who will shape the value of the artwork more than anybody.

Thank you


Blinking with snakes, Kasasagi

Today we minted the first artwork by Kasasagi “Blinking with snakes” on BSV.

This is the first NFT we produce by Kasasagi and it comes in 50 editions.


Choice, Roma Soida

You see, there is only one constant, one universal, it is the only real truth: causality. Action. Reaction. Cause and effect. (…) Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without. (…) Beneath our poised appearance, the truth is we are completely out of control. Causality. There is no escape from it, we are forever slaves to it. Artwork by Roma Soida.


NFT On Chain

BullishArt has been one of first art curation team to mint on BSV.

BSV is the only blockchain that allows to actually mint the NFT 100% on chain, meaning, the artwork itself is stored in the blockchain.

Every other blockchains cannot do what BSV does, due to the smaller block size, instead what they do is, storing the artwork into the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) server and the hash in the blockchain.

Choice by Roma Soida, minted on #BSV

Minting on chain is of course more expensive for the minter, because storing data on the chain is costly, however it is far more convenient than using Ethereum, which is the most expensive system due to lack of scaling.

However it is expected to change in the future as more miners reduce their fees over time.

Asimov by Francesco Buonfino is minted on NFT and it is a free drop for our first 300 followers on Twetch.

It is indeed exciting to see the BSV community getting active in the NFT world and to facilitate exploring NFT on BSV, we will add always a hashtag #onchainNFT and we have also set a new telegram channel for introducing you every NFT minted on BSV.

The platform we use is which is also a great wallet that gives you free paymail. (if you don’t know what a paymail is click here).

Make sure to check that the minter was 1BullishArt to make sure to purchase original minted NFT by our team.

You can join the BullishArt NFT on BSV Channel here.

Would you like to explore more #onchainNFTs?


View from above

From above, the city has a new face

BullishArt is excited to launch the latest exhibition of Ales Lyalush, “View from above”.

The series is related to ten cities: Barcelona, Damascus, Dubai, Las Vegas, London, Mirny, New York, Saint Petersburg, Tokyo, Washington DC.

The first drop will start on 6th September 2021, on Tezos
The collections is made of 10 NFT.

Ales writes

When you look at the silhouettes and lines of Cities from a bird’s eye view, you suddenly notice that each one has its own image, as if people are painting cities – faces – for someone looking down from above!

There are almost finished images, continuing to change right now, cities pulsating.

Perhaps when humanity is able to orbit the earth in mass, it will wonder what this or that city looks like from above and the architects will solve that problem too. In the meantime nobody pays any attention to it and the more interesting, the generated images appear as if by accident.

It only remains for me to exaggerate a little bit these imprints of civilizations on the ground!

Ales Lyalush author of View from Above

Whos is Ales Lyalush?

Ales Lyalush is a painter.

Ales obtained a university degree in professional art. Bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

He is the founder and curator of the gallery Sky.

Co-author of the thrash performance Art for Booze.

Collaborated with Urban Confluence to design the Silicon Valley symbol.

Ales works in digital painting techniques on an iPad Pro .

The tablet, as a medium, allows him to use the skills he learned in classical painting and drawing techniques in a broader and more versatile way. 

The author’s original, ironic view of the world is reflected in his remarkably subtle and philosophical works. 

Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are in private and official collections all over the world.

Selected group exhibitions:

2020-2021 Moscow, finalist for the “Digital Earth” competition, Vinzavod

2020 Surgut, “Parallel Reality” exhibition of Russian artists 

2019 St. Petersburg, Nebo gallery, Petrodjazz exhibition

2018 St. Petersburg, Veresk Gallery, “Digital Art” exhibition

2018 Moscow, Actual Russia exhibition

2017-2018 St Petersburg, thrash performance Art for Booze 

2017 St Petersburg, Gamma Festival, Artification

2016 St Petersburg, Stieglitz Academy, “Technique” exhibition

2014-2018 St Petersburg, Solar Systo

2005 Chelyabinsk, “Union of Artists of Russia”, exhibition “The Urals”.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2021 Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Centre for Contemporary Art

2021 Saint Petersburg, Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art

2021 Saint Petersburg, Pig snout gallery

2019 St Petersburg, Gorbyl Art Club

2018 St Petersburg, Artmuse creative cluster

More works from Ales Lyalush on BullishArt

Blog Updates

What is an NFT?

Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve heard the term NFT (Non-fungible tokens) talked about a lot within the last year, you aren’t alone. Some of these digital assets are selling for millions of dollars, featuring everything from music and art to recipes and even Youtube videos, catching the attention of news outlets around the world.

So, what exactly is an NFT, and how can you use them to your advantage as an artist or a buyer? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about NFTs, including how they work, what they are, and how you can get involved with the process.

What Is An NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents an item in the real world, such as videos, art, game items, music, sneakers, collectibles, and more. They are sold and purchased online, meaning they can be traded from person to person without the need for a physical transaction. Instead, these transactions rely on using a digital wallet to purchase and sell assets.

NFTs have been around for a while and were initially released in the early 2010s. However, NFTs are becoming more popular as many people prefer digital over physical items. In addition, NFTs offer new possibilities that make them an attractive investment opportunity, such as providing rare objects, collectibles, or limited availability items.

How Does An NFT Work?

NFTs are unique in that they can be owned and traded online, which is different from something like the money you have saved up in your bank account to buy a physical item. They are created using blockchain technology, creating individual tokens with the information of the digital art stored into them, allowing music, art, videos, and more to be stored into the individual token. Once they are created, they can be sold, purchased, or traded just like any other physical item.

NFTs are exceptionally safe because there’s only one digital version of the artwork available through the network, meaning that while copies can be sold, they won’t hold the original information that the initial token holds. This ensures that hackers or scammers can’t illegally download or steal NFTs that you create or purchase.

NFTs offer a unique way for artists to monetize their art instead of having to rely on an online gallery or physical location to sell it. Instead, it allows them to sell their art directly to consumers, increasing the amount of profits retained. Plus, since they’re digital assets, creators can even put a royalties program in place to continue to profit off the re-sale of the digital asset. 

How To Buy NFTs

The first step to buying NFTs is to create a cryptocurrency wallet to purchase and sell your assets. Once you have your own personal wallet, it will generate the address for where you’ll receive your tokens from when they’re purchased or traded. You can also use existing wallets that are already set up on marketplaces, such as Metamask and Temple. 

Once you find an artist who’s created a piece of art or another type of digital asset that interests you, send them the amount through your digital wallet. Make sure to read through all instructions about what to do next to ensure you properly execute the transaction. Be aware that there may be processing fees associated with selling or purchasing an artist tokenized work or exchange fees to accept it through your wallet.

Most frequently, NFTs are released as batches, allowing excited buyers to jump in and purchase exclusive collections before they’re sold out. Popular companies like Taco Bell and the NFL have already started to capitalize on the NFT trend by offering digital cards and GIFs. Even online gaming companies have begun to sell assets like avatars, swords, or upgrades as NFTs.

How Is An NFT Different From Cryptocurrency?

The only similarity between the two is that NFTs are built using the same type of platform that cryptocurrency uses. While cryptocurrencies have equal value and can be exchanged or traded for each other, such as one Dogecoin will have the same value as another Dogecoin, NFTs don’t follow the same type of rules.

NFTs will never be equal to one another because they have their own information stored and hold different values. This means that they are not worth the same on the NFT marketplace and can’t be traded as equals.

What Is Driving The NFT Market?

There is no one clear answer on what’s driving the market, but some of these reasons include:

  • Easy To Create: Instead of having to read through endless how-to tutorials on how to turn your artwork into NFT, well-known companies like BullishArt takes care of the entire process for you. This helps increase the ease of creation and eliminates issues that artists would typically run into during the NFT creation process. 
  • Faster Payments: Since everything is processed through cryptocurrency wallets, the payment system is a lot faster than using alternative forms of payment like PayPal or ACH payments.
  • Quicker Delivery: Just like faster payments, buyers are able to receive their NFTs instantaneously, allowing them to use the assets they purchased right after they finish the purchasing process.
  • Higher Returns: One significant driving factor is the ability for artists to receive higher returns than they may have been able to through a physical gallery or their own online store. This has been motivating artists to transform their works of art into NFTs.
  • Uniqueness: Many people are interested in NFTs because they do not have to worry about any duplicate items. This means that if you buy a digital asset, like an album or painting, it’s yours and yours only!

Physical Art vs. NFTs

If you’re an artist, you might be wondering what the difference is between NFTs and physical art. Physical art will be physically sold to buyers, requiring them to come in person or receive your work through shipping. NFTs are digital works of art and do not require any shipping or physical interaction with the buyer.

Some artists choose to produce both physical artworks and turn them into NFTs so as to diversify their income streams and expose their artwork to a more extensive network. Plus, artists have been able to sell their NFTs at higher values than they would be able to if they were just in a traditional gallery or advertised through an online store.

What Benefits Does An Artist Get From Minting Their Own Tokens?

One of the benefits to creating your own tokenized work is that you get complete control over everything about it from start to finish, including how much they cost when they’re released and how they’re sold.

An artist typically has two ways of monetizing their digital assets: selling them outright or charging an access fee that allows others to view or use the work digitally without needing ownership rights to do so. Both help to increase the amount of profit an artist makes while keeping the integrity of the work intact.

How Can BullishArt Help With The Process Of Minting An NFT?

If you’re interested in turning your physical artwork into NFTs, then BullishArt is the perfect solution for you. To get started, an artist needs to submit their work to the platform. If the artwork is accepted by our curators, then your artwork will be turned into an NFT.

Not only does BullishArt handle the entire process of minting the artwork, but they promote it to ensure that potential buyers are exposed to it. Additionally, BullishArt operates across all the NFT marketplaces in Tezos, Ethereum, Klaytn, Bitcoin, ensuring that you find the perfect platform to host your artwork to show buyers around the world.

With this increase in viewership, there has been an increased interest from investors who want access to these works of art on global marketplaces. This generates new opportunities for artists not only by providing them with higher returns but also by ensuring their art is seen by a bigger audience.

The Future Of NFTs

Although the market is still new, it’s quickly growing into a billion-dollar industry, allowing both buyers and sellers to profit from NFTs. The future of this technology looks bright, especially with video game companies, sports leagues, and franchises investing in them as well.

NFTs have a lot of potential for growth, especially when you consider how much they differ from physical artwork on display that hangs on your walls or stands in a gallery. It offers some valuable points, such as ensuring there are no duplicate items and increased accessibility due to instant transactions from buyers around the world. Plus, it allows artists to have more control over their artwork and continue to retain profits as the works are re-sold.

As the market continues to grow, digital assets will likely continue to become more popular and widely used in many different ways — from becoming official payments for physical items or collectible items that increase in value over time, the potential is endless.

Are You Looking for Artwork to Hang on Your Walls?

If you’re not ready to purchase a few NFTs just yet, and you’re looking to hang some original artwork, such as fine art prints or posters in your home, check out our partner site which specializes in wall art: Winter Museo. Winter Museo offers wide range of illustrations and travel photography, selling limited edition fine art photography prints and posters of famous artists, philosophers, national parks, flowers, antique stamps and iconic cities. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at BullishArt or leave a comment below. 

This article was written by Shea Winter Roggio for BullishArt


Matches Box, Roma Soida

This concept is designed by our artist Roma Soida, and it probably will develop into an interesting series.

These illustrations are so unique, we love them a lot!

Both the message and the vintage feelings make the matches rare collectibles to get your hand on. With the development of the series, it will even boost the interest for it.

For now the NFTs are just 2 pieces in 50 editions, for the BSV blockchain.

God is watching you and you are doin great here
Wish you were here then you’d know – I’m on fire here

Roma Soida

Today we introduce one of our artist who actually joined few months ago: Roma Soida. From his own website:

My name is Roma Soida, in the reflection of the mirrors – adioS amoR, artist from Krasnoyarsk, now I work and study in Moscow. I study contemporary art at the British Higher School of Art and Design, where I won a grant for studies at the Untitled Prize 2018. I collaborate with commercial publications and participate in project activities, I try to live a full artistic life since 2008. In my free time I do research and experiment at the junction of various art disciplines.

and Roma Soida on his philosophy:

An important concept in my work is sublimation – the expression of unconscious instincts (sometimes destructive) by transforming them into works of art; art can at the same time “direct it in a different direction” and express all my emotions and experiences.

Feelings are original, they come from nowhere or go against the background of memories, assessments and life circumstances. This is an irrational part of the life of each of us – a feeling, this is the most secret part that we hide not only from other people, but sometimes also from ourselves. The reason for concealment does not always come from a distrust of others or a person’s denial of this feeling, sometimes we don’t have enough tools to express it. Creativity comes to the rescue, not an art institute and craft, creativity I would single out as a separate aspect of expression, which can be refined to one degree or another, but its original essence is an attempt to reproduce the original feeling of the creator. That is why creativity is so important for a person, it is a point of contact between consciousness and the subconscious, rational and irrational. At this point, you can see what does not deceive, it just is and it says love or hate, but this is part of you, this is what my works show. In childhood, there I also saw in drawing a means of expressing my feelings and thoughts. To this day, drawing remains this language, with experience more complex forms of expression of one’s inner world arise.

Many of my works were created in sensual expansion, in an attempt to find shelter in images and forms. It was the desire for security that shaped my artistic role, with which I identified myself, thus art became a logical continuation of my creative career, if I am an artist, it means I am engaged in art. This is the path to a perfect and independent form. I seem to go deeper, beyond the limits of normality. With age. I can be anyone, and all responsibility will rest with me, whether I will be decent and kind, or whether I will be the facade of decency and kindness. Under the control of the brain, information and complexes that I get rid of, because the higher I climb, the harder it is to fall, to some extent I am afraid of myself, the void revealed the essence of the illusory nature of every person, there is no one to strengthen and improve, you can be anyone and occupy either side because the boundaries of good and evil are blurred. It is as if to get to the page of my books, changed places and began to notice that the paintings became complete, they have an internal volume, and I myself become hollow, without internal content. Someone is inspired by the filling process, but I am fascinated by its antagonism – devastation, when nothing personal remains.

Roma Soida NFTs have been minted on every blockchain we use: from Tezos to Klaytn and recently to BitCoin. Our collectors love the work of Roma Soida. Many new NFTs are coming from him.

For now let’s explore the NFTs already minted


Click on the image to open the NFTs.

Snake is an NFT that has been received very well on the Tezos blockchain

On Klaytn

Roma Soida NFTs has been selected on an article by Klaytn foundation regarding their NFT functions.

Dharma Communa – the Buddhist theme is very present in Roma Soida artworks.

BitCoin BSV

More recently Roma Soida’s NFTs landed on BSV as well with the Monkpath artwork.

Monkpath inspired on the Tibetan book of death minted as 150 editions for 0.02 BSV on the BitCoin blockchain.

We will share with our community on Twitter and Instagram the new minting by Roma Soida, so keep checking our page and site.