Juliano Romão

Juliano Romão is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout his degree, he has developed problem solving skills through the application of computer programming and algorithms. By the end of 2020, Juliano realized that he could contrast the order and logic of Mathematics with the chaotic nature of human creativity to create art, which began his exploration in the field.

Fascinated by the possibility of creating art from the logical sequences of computer programs, he experimented with a variety of different code structures, adding in pinches of creativity and mathematics at every turn. Initially, his inspiration led him to pursue dynamical and chaotic systems, which are grounded in random objects and variables. This leads to mesmerizing pieces of artwork. With time, however, Juliano’s focus shifted towards order, as most things do, and through the use of repeating loops and symmetric objects, he created admirable works of art that stem from the deterministic nature of computers.

Resulting from this exploration is a deep truth: Mathematics and beauty are present in both order and disorder; and this wisdom is the foundation of Juliano’s purpose to achieve that which can be truly perceived as beauty, as he walks the fine line between structure and chaos.

Thirty Pulsing Squares

The artist writes: “I find this artwork simple but also mesmerizing. It consists of a group of thirty centered squares as the name suggests. Aside from making each one pulse in a cyclic pattern they also decrease and increase in side length looping back to it’s original size. During this creation I noticed that something happens when the squares begins to intersect each other, and this is because of the pulsing effect, that is basically the stroke weight of each square changing over frames, passed by trigonometric functions”.