Let us guide you exploring the current value of this NFT as well as the artist overall market response.

Market Perspective

Maikeul’s artworks have great responses for several key points:

  • Very coherent and unique style.
  • Featured in physical exhibitions (Eternity Gallery in Paris).
  • Primary sales and secondary sales show a growing trend in value.
  • Maikeul has been featured as first professional artist at the launch of Kalamint, Tezos first NFT marketplace.
  • Objkt.com, “the Opensea” of Tezos, often features Maikeul artworks on the frontpage.

The market activity for Maikeul’s NFTs is very active, these below are the transactions for each collector purchase.

[advanced_iframe use_shortcode_attributes_only=”none” src=”//hicdex.com/sold?address=tz1fP1xrV55sqTV3zfdxvYpqbLcE92GAZbnR” width=”100%” height=”1000px”]

Primary sales

The artist NFT minting have taken place in Kalamint, HEN and Objkt.

Secondary Sales

The artist NFTs are also being sold in secondary market, with auctions and collectors reselling them with a very high premium.

Many of the artists NFTs have been crossing the 1,000 xtz mark.


Our team believes the artist unique style and high position, his coherence in production, will push the market value steadily, as the NFT market, especially Tezos becomes more and more wide adopted.

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